• No experience required
  • Must be 18 years or older

September ā€“ October

  • Day & evening sessions
  • Transportation provided to the planting site
  • Sign up now!

Earn money for the B.A.R.N. Community Center!

ABCo needs your help planting and watering 40,000 new lavender plants coming to Ashford this fall. For each volunteer hour you put it, the B.A.R.N. Community Center will receive a cash donation. ABCo will provide work gloves, t-shirts, water, and snacks. All you need to do is sign up with B.A.R.N., wear long pants and sturdy shoes, and bring a hat!

Anita Perdue
(304) 836-8454


    1. Dear, Andrew Pauley. Thank you for your interest in joining our team! We are currently working on an online application as many others have expressed an interest in joining the Appalachian Botanical Co. Until then, please use the contact form to reach out and we will get in touch with you. -Best Regards, Chad Foreman.

  1. Wonderful idea. We have 100 + acre MTR site in SE KY that is perfect for a similar project. Please let me know when you set up a tour in the spring. My grandmother was from the Fayettesville area. Will plan a visit.

    1. Dear, Elaine Tanner. Thank you for sharing your interest in a similar project with us. You’re correct, a Mountain Top Removal site would be perfect because lavender likes the poor soil that MTR leaves behind. As we work towards putting together scheduled tours, please use the contact form to let us know if you’d like your own personal, private tour. – Best Regards, Chad Foreman.

  2. So happy to see your continued success with this endeavor and your hiring goals. Our area needs more industries like yours that looks to develop worksite that help local economy and the local population. Bravo!! I am so looking forward to the time when your products are easily available online, I will most definitely be a loyal customer
    Thank you so much for your determination to help your community in a way that actually helps individuals with their basic needs.

    1. Dear, Sally Broen. Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate you taking the time to respond to our post and share your thoughts. We appreciate your enthusiasm for developing the local economy and working with the local population to help our community. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form. -Chad Foreman

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