Bees are Buzzing

We’re thrilled to report that our first 10 beehives are installed. We have a system in place to monitor the bees and expand the hives to accommodate the healthy, growing population. The bees have settled in well and we’ve watched them forage for lavender pollen to carry back to the hives. They’ve already started producing honey! 

Our crew, which before now had limited or no apiary experience, are doing a great job learning the ropes and working with the bees. So far, we’ve had no “swarming” and there have been only a few bee stings (and no allergic reactions). And while we have had a few bear sightings, none of them has gotten past our electric fence to sample the honey. 

Move-in day for the bees!

Beekeeper Eric Grandon tells us that over the past 30 years, the protein content of pollen has declined dramatically and bees often struggle to get the nutrition they need to thrive. We are fortunate that our bees can find plenty of nutritious pollen in the surrounding lavender fields.

Beekeeper Eric Grandon demonstrates safe hive and bee handling

We expect that our bees will collect more pollen than they need – which should leave us with extra pollen to sell to other beekeepers and to health food stores. Along with the bee pollen, we’ll have raw lavender honey available for sale by sometime this fall. Please contact us to learn more about purchasing any of these products.

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