Five Cocktails and Mocktails Using English Lavender Honey

English Lavender

English lavender honey is an easy way to elevate your home cocktail (or mocktail) game! The name “simple syrup” says it all. With just sugar and water, it really is simple and doesn’t make for a very exciting addition to cocktails. Lavender honey on the other hand has a complex and delicate flavor that doesn’t add any complexity to your cocktail preparation. If you’re eyeing up any of the following recipes but don’t want the boozy addition, feel free to leave it out and add a dash of lemon juice for a little extra kick!

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Cruelty-Free Lavender Products to use On-the-Go

Cruelty-Free Lavender Products

Cruelty-free status should be expected of all products if you ask me. The same goes for organic. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Grab and go products aren’t always granted the same attention and care as other product lines, even though they get just as much use. Luckily, as an avid lavender lover, Appalachian Botanical Co. has plenty of products that are small and easy to toss in a bag and use on-the-go.

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Step Aside Pumpkin Spice – Meet the Lavender Latte

GMO Free Lavender Latte

We’re not trying to make any enemies here, but when it comes to coffee, there’s one fall ingredient that leaves pumpkin spice in its dust – gmo-free lavender honey. That’s right, PSLs have some competition! This past summer and fall, the bees on our lavender farm were busy making sweet, rich, gmo-free lavender honey perfect for spooning into warm coffee and teas. Whether you’re familiar with culinary lavender or are new to this floral flavor, lavender honey is a perfectly sweet companion that will shake up your next coffee run.

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Tips for Growing Lavender During the Winter Months

Growing Lavender in Winter

We know a thing or two about challenging weather and growing lavender during the winter here in Appalachia. Lavender is a wonderful, sun-soaked plant that you want to keep with you all year round, but it wasn’t quite built for Northern temperature drops. If you’re a home lavender grower, there is still time to prepare your lavender for the winter weather!

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Make Home a Sanctuary with West Virginia Lavender

West Virginia Lavender

Is it just me, or are the walls closing in?! Many of us are now spending more time at home than ever before. Our homes have taken on new roles like classrooms and home offices. What at first felt like a much-needed break from the office and the daily commute, has now become a burden. It’s time to reclaim your home and make your house feel more like a sanctuary again! Organic West Virginia lavender might be the extra kick you need to make home feel more like home again and less like the office.

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Add a Touch of Sweetness and Summertime to your Meals with These 10 Lavender Honey Recipes

10 Lavender Honey Recipes

Bees and lavender have left their mark on the warmer months and are going out with a bang. Summer is being ushered out by cool winds and changing leaves, but we’re not quite ready to see it go! Autumn in Appalachia brings so many delicious and soulful ingredients to the kitchen like squash, apples, and the last bit of sweet corn, but it also marks an end to the honey harvesting season. Our lavender fields provide all the nectar and pollen our bees need to create a unique lavender honey that elevates every dish. Whether you’re not ready to bid summer goodbye or are looking for ways to incorporate your favorite florals into holiday dishes, we’ve compiled a list of the best lavender honey recipes that are sure to leave a sweet taste of summer on your lips.

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How Lavender Can Help You Catch Some Quality Zs

Lavender Sleep Support

Lavender, especially when it’s organic and locally grown, can make a world of a difference on your sleep schedule. When’s the last time you had a great night’s rest? You know, the kind where you crash on the bed, fall asleep in minutes, stay asleep, and wake up feeling energized and well-rested. Or has sleep become such a rare commodity that you’ll take whatever you can get, mid-Zoom nods-off and 6 hour nights included?

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Commissioner Leonhardt Tours ABCo

Commissioner Leonhardt is impressed with how our lavender plants are thriving

WV Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt visited the ABCo farm operations on Oct. 22 with ABCo CTO Marina Sawyer and President Jocelyn Sheppard.

As a fellow farmer, the Commissioner appreciated everything he saw, from our newly installed 130-ft high tunnel, to our innovative gravity-fed irrigation system, to our plans to expand acreage starting in Spring 2021.

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