French Lavender vs. English Lavender: What’s the Difference?

French Lavender vs. English Lavender

Aromatherapists and essential oil fanatics are probably very familiar with lavender, but do you know the true differences between English and French lavender? These little purple flowers are two species of the same plant, but they vary in appearance, fragrance, and hardiness. So is there a benefit of one over the other? And should I look out for a particular one in my lavender products? Whether you’re a home gardener or curious aromatherapist, we’ve got you covered! Read on, reader!

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Overcoming Barriers to Employment with Reclaimed Coal Mine Land

Overcoming Barriers to Employment with Reclaimed Coal Mine Land

It’s hard to believe that the Appalachian Botanical Co.’s purple fields were once a surface coal mine. Here in Ashford, West Virginia, coal used to be the primary source of employment. When the coal industry collapsed, our community’s primary source of income went with it. The coal mines that remained were hit especially hard by the COVID pandemic, leaving over 6,000 Appalachian coal miners without a job.

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Can Lavender Help My Dog Chill Out?

Animal Friendly Lavender for Dogs

Pet owners, we know it can be hard to find organic, animal friendly products that live up to our expectations. As an owner of a rambunctious puppy and an aging and anxious dog, I’m always looking for ways to help both of my dogs feel more relaxed and comfortable. As an essential oil user, I also wonder about how my pets might be able to benefit from soothing lavender essential oil, but never wanted to venture into unsafe territories. If you have an anxious, tireless, or nervous puppy, lavender essential oil may be able to help them chill out and relax right alongside you.

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A Buyer’s Guide To Honey, Bees and Lavender

Buyers Guide to Honey, Bees and Lavender

There are three things we can’t get enough of — honey, bees and lavender. The world’s honey bee population is declining as habitat loss, pesticides, and other unsustainable farming practices are growing. That’s why apiaries and organic farms are starting to gain some traction! Now that more and more micro-apiaries and popping up, more honey varieties are too.

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Think Global, Act Local: Forging Appalachia’s Lavender Ecosystem

Appalachian Lavender Field

Our lavender fields were never meant to stand alone. We created Appalachian Botanical Co. to be the catalyst for a booming botanical industry that puts our land and our community back to work. The location and idea behind our lavender field and mission was no mistake – we are growing lavender and opportunities on and off the farm.

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The History and How of Essential Oils

History of Essential Oils

There’s no way you’ve made it into 2020 and haven’t heard of essential oils – they’re everywhere! Essential oils, the compounds or “essences” extracted from plants, have been around for thousands of years. In ancient times, certain plants were thought to have healing powers and were used for embalming and religious ceremonies. Today, essential oils are making (another) comeback in aromatherapy and as a practical replacement for the many harmful chemicals and fragrances found in household products. So what’s the big deal? How can they be used? Do they have any proven benefits or are they just fancy perfumes?

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Socially Responsible and Sustainable Gifting: How to Spot the Best Brands

Socially Responsible, Locally Manufactured Gifts

Locally manufactured products are usually much easier to keep an eye on. If you know the designers, producers, workers, manufacturers, and retailers, you have almost total transparency into how your products are made and how they get to you. They’re home grown! However, when bits of that supply chain get lost, buried, or hidden from view of the consumers, it leaves lots of room for, well, hiding. In a world where we can get anything from anywhere on the globe with two-day shipping, it’s difficult to know if our dollars are going to people who share our values. How can we trust that the products we’re buying were made in a way that didn’t exploit people or harm the environment? Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom! There are plenty of wonderful brands that keep ethics, sustainability, and responsibility in mind. We’ll show you how to find them!

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Shop Local: Our Homegrown Holiday Gift Guide

Locally Grown Holiday Gift Guide

This year, you can get all your Christmas shopping done with the help of locally grown lavender.

The mantra for doing your holiday shopping, especially this year, should be: shop small, shop slow, shop smart. Shopping small ensures that small and locally owned businesses can make it through 2020’s finish line. Shopping slow, meaning shopping for ethically and thoughtfully made items rather than mass produced goods, ensures that you’re getting a more unique and long lasting product that’s better for the planet. Lastly, shopping smart means avoiding the crowds at big box stores and getting your shopping done early!

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Upgrade your Roast Turkey Game with Salt and Lavender

Roast Turkey Salt and Lavender

Salt and lavender are quite the odd couple, but we can’t get enough of them! This is a year of firsts for many things, and especially when it comes to the holiday season. For some, the holidays are a time of much needed tradition and normalcy in this crazy year. For others, it’s an opportunity to do holidays your way – forget the stale fruit cake and bland turkey that no one really loves. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your holiday menu for your whole family or need inspiration for a decadent meal for one, this lavender spiced turkey recipe is delicious, unique, and comes with all the fixin’s!

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Appalachian Botanical Co’s Lavender Essential Oil: The Complete Journey

ABCo Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils are everywhere, but not much thought is given to how they got there! The conscious consumer era is growing, with many people asking critical questions of the producers who make the products they use everyday. Essential oil is no different. Starting with growth and harvesting, there are many things to consider:

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