Secretary Gaunch Visits ABCo

WV Secretary of Commerce Ed Gaunch toured the ABCo farm operations on Sept. 25 with ABCo President Jocelyn Sheppard and CTO Marina Sawyer.

It was something of a homecoming for the Secretary. He was born in Boone County, grew up in Ridgeview (~5 miles away) and attended Sherman High School.

Secretary Gaunch got an up close look at our lavender fields as well as our propagation, irrigation and high tunnel systems. He also spoke with several ABCo crew members.

The Secretary came away very impressed with the size of our operation and our potential for growth. Perhaps his biggest takeaway was our dedication to creating good jobs for people in the region.

5 Replies to “Secretary Gaunch Visits ABCo”

  1. I am so glad that the Secretary of Commerce was able to visit ABCo. West Virginia supporting WV is what we need! Learning about the products that are coming from ABCo and the way that they are investing into our communities is really exciting as a West Virginia native. I recently placed an online order and the process was super quick and easy. I am so excited to try these new products and that I was able to shop local.

  2. Thank you, Kelly, for spreading the good word about ABCo. We really appreciate the local support in what we’re doing. Thank you also for placing an order through our online store! We’re glad you found the process to be super quick and easy.

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