The History and How of Essential Oils

History of Essential Oils

There’s no way you’ve made it into 2020 and haven’t heard of essential oils – they’re everywhere! Essential oils, the compounds or “essences” extracted from plants, have been around for thousands of years. In ancient times, certain plants were thought to have healing powers and were used for embalming and religious ceremonies. Today, essential oils are making (another) comeback in aromatherapy and as a practical replacement for the many harmful chemicals and fragrances found in household products. So what’s the big deal? How can they be used? Do they have any proven benefits or are they just fancy perfumes?

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Make Home a Sanctuary with West Virginia Lavender

West Virginia Lavender

Is it just me, or are the walls closing in?! Many of us are now spending more time at home than ever before. Our homes have taken on new roles like classrooms and home offices. What at first felt like a much-needed break from the office and the daily commute, has now become a burden. It’s time to reclaim your home and make your house feel more like a sanctuary again! Organic West Virginia lavender might be the extra kick you need to make home feel more like home again and less like the office.

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