West Virginia Wildflower Honey – The Complete Journey

West Virginian Wildflower Honey

At Appalachian Botanical Co., we always encourage our “conscious consumers” to dig deeper into the products they buy. Because we prioritize the planet and the people (and insects) who make our products, we invite you to consider the following when purchasing your honey:

  • Where was it harvested?
  • Do they use pesticides on the flowers it’s harvested from?
  • How is it harvested?
  • How is it processed?
  • Are the workers/harvesters treated fairly and paid a living wage?
  • What flavors are they offering?
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A Buyer’s Guide To Honey, Bees and Lavender

Buyers Guide to Honey, Bees and Lavender

There are three things we can’t get enough of — honey, bees and lavender. The world’s honey bee population is declining as habitat loss, pesticides, and other unsustainable farming practices are growing. That’s why apiaries and organic farms are starting to gain some traction! Now that more and more micro-apiaries and popping up, more honey varieties are too.

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Add a Touch of Sweetness and Summertime to your Meals with These 10 Lavender Honey Recipes

10 Lavender Honey Recipes

Bees and lavender have left their mark on the warmer months and are going out with a bang. Summer is being ushered out by cool winds and changing leaves, but we’re not quite ready to see it go! Autumn in Appalachia brings so many delicious and soulful ingredients to the kitchen like squash, apples, and the last bit of sweet corn, but it also marks an end to the honey harvesting season. Our lavender fields provide all the nectar and pollen our bees need to create a unique lavender honey that elevates every dish. Whether you’re not ready to bid summer goodbye or are looking for ways to incorporate your favorite florals into holiday dishes, we’ve compiled a list of the best lavender honey recipes that are sure to leave a sweet taste of summer on your lips.

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