West Virginia Wildflower Honey – The Complete Journey

West Virginian Wildflower Honey

At Appalachian Botanical Co., we always encourage our “conscious consumers” to dig deeper into the products they buy. Because we prioritize the planet and the people (and insects) who make our products, we invite you to consider the following when purchasing your honey:

  • Where was it harvested?
  • Do they use pesticides on the flowers it’s harvested from?
  • How is it harvested?
  • How is it processed?
  • Are the workers/harvesters treated fairly and paid a living wage?
  • What flavors are they offering?
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Tangy, Herbal, EASY Lavender Vinaigrette

Tangy Herbal Lavender Vinaigrette

For some people, pink himalayan salt and lavender exist in two different worlds. Here at Appalachian Botanical Co., we know that they make the perfect pairing. Lavender is such a versatile plant. It helps people to feel more calm and relaxed after a long day, makes cleaning up around the house much more pleasant, can help you to get some more sleep, and even makes for a lovely addition to your spice rack. We don’t shy away from adding lavender to our favorite dishes, both salty and sweet, but it’s not just for the ultra lavender fan. When done properly, lavender can add a delicately sweet floral note to any dish or drink that everyone can love!

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A Buyer’s Guide To Honey, Bees and Lavender

Buyers Guide to Honey, Bees and Lavender

There are three things we can’t get enough of — honey, bees and lavender. The world’s honey bee population is declining as habitat loss, pesticides, and other unsustainable farming practices are growing. That’s why apiaries and organic farms are starting to gain some traction! Now that more and more micro-apiaries and popping up, more honey varieties are too.

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Shop Local: Our Homegrown Holiday Gift Guide

Locally Grown Holiday Gift Guide

This year, you can get all your Christmas shopping done with the help of locally grown lavender.

The mantra for doing your holiday shopping, especially this year, should be: shop small, shop slow, shop smart. Shopping small ensures that small and locally owned businesses can make it through 2020’s finish line. Shopping slow, meaning shopping for ethically and thoughtfully made items rather than mass produced goods, ensures that you’re getting a more unique and long lasting product that’s better for the planet. Lastly, shopping smart means avoiding the crowds at big box stores and getting your shopping done early!

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9 Desserts Baked with Lavender Love

Chemical Free Lavender Desserts

Lavender is a superpower in the kitchen. Not surprisingly, it has a very assertive sweet and floral flavor. As a rule of thumb, any desserts, whether savory or sweet, that use thyme and rosemary might be suitable for lavender. Adding lavender straight from the garden is always the most delicious way to add a floral touch to your dish. Lavender buds are beautiful, but they can also be overpowering if you bite right into one. If you want a more diluted or blendable lavender alternative, organic lavender honey does just the trick!

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Five Cocktails and Mocktails Using English Lavender Honey

English Lavender

English lavender honey is an easy way to elevate your home cocktail (or mocktail) game! The name “simple syrup” says it all. With just sugar and water, it really is simple and doesn’t make for a very exciting addition to cocktails. Lavender honey on the other hand has a complex and delicate flavor that doesn’t add any complexity to your cocktail preparation. If you’re eyeing up any of the following recipes but don’t want the boozy addition, feel free to leave it out and add a dash of lemon juice for a little extra kick!

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