Shop Local: Our Homegrown Holiday Gift Guide

Locally Grown Holiday Gift Guide

This year, you can get all your Christmas shopping done with the help of locally grown lavender.

The mantra for doing your holiday shopping, especially this year, should be: shop small, shop slow, shop smart. Shopping small ensures that small and locally owned businesses can make it through 2020’s finish line. Shopping slow, meaning shopping for ethically and thoughtfully made items rather than mass produced goods, ensures that you’re getting a more unique and long lasting product that’s better for the planet. Lastly, shopping smart means avoiding the crowds at big box stores and getting your shopping done early!

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Appalachian Botanical Co’s Lavender Essential Oil: The Complete Journey

ABCo Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils are everywhere, but not much thought is given to how they got there! The conscious consumer era is growing, with many people asking critical questions of the producers who make the products they use everyday. Essential oil is no different. Starting with growth and harvesting, there are many things to consider:

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How Lavender Can Help You Catch Some Quality Zs

Lavender Sleep Support

Lavender, especially when it’s organic and locally grown, can make a world of a difference on your sleep schedule. When’s the last time you had a great night’s rest? You know, the kind where you crash on the bed, fall asleep in minutes, stay asleep, and wake up feeling energized and well-rested. Or has sleep become such a rare commodity that you’ll take whatever you can get, mid-Zoom nods-off and 6 hour nights included?

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