Team Lavender

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Jocelyn Sheppard: President

Jocelyn Sheppard, Appalachian Botanical Company President.

Terry Rusin: Partner & Director of External Relations

Terry Rusin

Marina Sawyer: Chief Technical Officer

Marina Sawyer

Chad Foreman: Communications Manager

Chad Foreman

Jeanne Eary: Office Manager

Jeanne Eary

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Left: Rhiannon Wineland, Social Media Coordinator. Right: Nikki Dempe, Sales Coordinator.

sales and social media coordinators
Rhiannon Wineland and Nikki Dempe.

Jimmy Fowler: Crew Lead

jimmy fowler, crew lead with appalachian botanical lavender farm
Jimmy Fowler

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Bailey Abnathy

Bailey Abnathy, lavender farm worker
Bailey Abnathy

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TJ Green: Mechanic

TJ Green

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Adam Mitchell: Crew Lead

Adam Mitchell

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Robin Workman at Appalachian Botanical Co. office in Foster West Virginia
Robin Workman

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Zach Moore

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Emily Dotson, lavender farmer with Appalachian Botanical.
Emily Dotson

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Jason Withrow

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