West Virginia is the linchpin of the Appalachian high-value botanicals industry.

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To build a botanical enterprise that puts West Virginians and reclaimed coal mine land back to work.

We Believe in:

Creating opportunity for all, regardless of social or economic status.

Helping people overcome barriers to employment.

Honoring our commitments.


Bees are Buzzing

We’re thrilled to report that our first 10 beehives are installed. We have a system in place to monitor the bees and expand the hives to accommodate the healthy, growing population. The bees have settled in well and we’ve watched them forage for lavender pollen to carry back to the hives. They’ve already started producing …


Lavender farm investor

Our goal for ABCo is to be funded in West Virginia, by West Virginians. Contact us to learn more about this investment opportunity.

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