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Field Reports

Posts tagged: Appalachia

Urban Agriculture Conference and Weather Monitoring

Representatives from the West Virginia State University Extension Services visited Appalachian Botanical Company to make a video for the Urban Agriculture Conference and to maintain weather monitoring equipment.

Think Global, Act Local: Forging Appalachia's Lavender Ecosystem

Our lavender fields were never meant to stand alone. We created Appalachian Botanical Co. to be the catalyst for a booming botanical industry that puts our land and our community back to work. The location and idea behind our lavender field and mission was no mistake – we are growing...

ABCo x West Virginia Grown: Proudly Made in the Mountain State

We’re proud to be a part of the many talented and resilient craftspeople making West Virginian products and growing new plants and opportunities on our land; Appalachian Botanical Co. is West Virginian through and through. Now, we are proud to make it “official” by partnering with West Virginia Grown.   What...

Growing Lavender and Opportunities with HRDF, the Human Resource Development Foundation

Growing lavender in the mountain state has allowed us to open new doors and create new opportunities that we never imagined. There’s one in particular that we’re especially excited to share; Appalachian Botanical Co. is excited to partner with HRDF, the Human Resource Development Foundation of West Virginia, to provide...

Overcoming Barriers to Unemployment with Reclaimed Coal Mine Land

It’s hard to believe that the Appalachian Botanical Co.’s purple fields were once a surface coal mine. Here in Ashford, West Virginia, coal used to be the primary source of employment. When the coal industry collapsed, our community’s primary source of income went with it. The coal mines that remained...

Growing Opportunities & Reclaiming Appalachia's Coal Mine Land

Our lavender is grown on 35 acres of reclaimed coal mine land in the heart of Appalachia. The story of our farm is central to our philosophy at Appalachian Botanical Co – we believe in second chances. The rise and fall of coal in America is a story that many...