Incorporating Lavender into your Wedding Day

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Since lavender blooms in June or July, a summer wedding is ideal for everyone’s favorite purple perennial.

Ah, wedding planning. It’ll make or break ya. We promise to not mention mason jars, Polaroids, or “cupcakes instead of cake” in this entire blog. Instead, let us remind you of the beauty and simplicity of incorporating our favorite purple bloom into one of the most fantastic days of your life!

Favorite colors are frequently woven into a wedding’s theme—why not make a lavender lover bride or groom’s favorite bloom a signature touch? Much like a birthstone symbolizes an individual’s birthday, someone’s favorite flower or plant personalizes a couple’s wedding. Milestone events such as birthdays and weddings are meant to be special, and sharing your taste, aesthetic preferences, and ultimately style with guests is an excellent way to create meaningful memories.



Ways to Infuse Lavender into your Wedding


Lavender buds on gift tables or tables of honor


Elegant simplicity at its finest. Flower petals are nice, but mixing things up with blue/violet buds is unique, fragrant and potentially weaves in the theme of lavender. Buds scattered in a pretty trail will also pick up  the color found in this next idea:


Bouquets with lavender bundles or boutonniere with lavender sprigs


Groom's Boutonniere

A few long, tall, thin blooms—either fresh or dried would work—placed in a shorter collection of blooms adds an unexpected touch. We’ve also seen beautiful delicate and rustic boutonnieres created with a sprig or two of lavender. Tied with raffia, this look evokes a French country vibe. Magnifique.


Lavender honey cocktails as a signature wedding drink


Lavender Champagne

Find great recipes in this past blog post for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks which feature lavender honey. Learn how to mix non-alcoholic lavender lemonade, Blueberry-Lavender Margaritas, a twist on the traditional Tom Collins, and more. These concoctions are especially refreshing for a summer fête.


Lavender confetti instead of bubbles


Lavender Buds for Wedding Toss

ABCo loves this idea because of its uber eco-friendly impact. Back in the day, rice was thrown on the happy couple. The common belief that  “rice kills birds” turned out to be an urban legend (their little bellies actually don’t explode from expanding grains). Even still, many wedding planners switched to asking guests to blow bubbles. Admittedly, it looks cool—but then the wedding venue is left with 200 non-recyclable mini plastic bottles to dispose of, which is not cool. Showering the newlyweds with vibrant blue lavender buds would not only be unique, but also aromatic and memorable!


DIY soap or candles as bridal party gifts


Lavender Soap Bridal Party Gift

Again, we direct you our previous blog post about soapmaking and our blog post about candlemaking. Especially if the wedding party is environmentally conscious, gifting eco-friendly, chemical-free lavender soap bars makes a statement. Show love for both your peeps and the planet by giving this utilitarian, artsy, thoughtful present.


Sachets or lavender mist as favors


Lavender Sachet Wedding Favor

Some folks just don’t have the time or inclination for DIY wedding elements. If this is your case, we simply recommend buying sachets or mist for your guests. Both suggestions are non-traditional wedding favors which are waaaaaay more useful than a mini, silver photo frame etched with someone else’s name. The favors will last and can be used multiple times. Rely on the associative power of scent to kick in. Scent is powerful in evoking memories, so that gorgeous lavender aroma will forever be tied to YOUR happy occasion!

Guests appreciate any gestures of thoughtfulness and weaving in a favorite theme or favorite color or favorite flower is a wonderful way to create memories. No matter which of the signature touches you choose, you can’t go wrong with something from the heart. Personalization is memorable, and it’s fun to get creative in this way.  Questions?  Email us anytime!

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