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Posts tagged: english lavender

Tangy, Herbal, EASY Lavender Vinaigrette

For some people, pink Himalayan salt and lavender exist in two different worlds. Here at Appalachian Botanical Co., we know that they make the perfect pairing. Lavender is such a versatile plant. It helps people to feel more calm and relaxed after a long day, makes cleaning up around the house much...

Unwind with Soothing, Sippable, English Lavender Tea

English lavender is everywhere! It’s in our cleaning products, soaps, cocktails, perfumes, pastries, coffees – you name it. Maybe that’s because we could all use a bit more relaxation and the best way to get it is with our favorite soothing, floral, familiar scent. One place where lavender really shines is in tea. I’ve...

We Added Lavender to These 10 Iconic Dishes...And It Worked!

Have you added our West Virginian lavender to your spice rack yet? If not, there’s no need to be intimidated! You might not have as much experience using lavender in the kitchen as you do in your self-care routine, but you definitely have the recipes for it. Lavender has a...

Five Cocktails and Mocktails Using English Lavender Honey

English lavender honey is an easy way to elevate your home cocktail (or mocktail) game! The name “simple syrup” says it all. With just sugar and water, it really is simple and doesn’t make for a very exciting addition to cocktails. Lavender honey on the other hand has a complex...