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This year, you can get all your Christmas shopping done with the help of locally grown lavender.

The mantra for doing your holiday shopping, especially this year, should be: shop small, shop slow, shop smart. Shopping small ensures that small and locally owned businesses can make it through 2020’s finish line. Shopping slow, meaning shopping for ethically and thoughtfully made items rather than mass produced goods, ensures that you’re getting a more unique and long lasting product that’s better for the planet. Lastly, shopping smart means avoiding the crowds at big box stores and getting your shopping done early!


At Appalachian Botanical Co., our product line is always expanding to find new ways to incorporate our locally grown lavender into products that everybody will love. From coworkers to kids, Appalachian Botanical Co. has products that will be sure to tick off everybody’s wish list!


Introducing our 2020 Homegrown Holiday Gifting Guide:


FOR THE GLOBETROTTER  /  Know somebody who is constantly on the go? Our new Lavender Travel Kit has everything they’ll need for on-the-go adventures. The travel kit includes travel size and TSA-approved bottles of our Lavender Mist, Hand Sanitizer Spray, Organic Lavender Cream, and a Lavender sachet. This package was carefully crafted to make your journeys a little more luxurious. The travel kits can be tossed in a carry-on, purse, glovebox, or even diaper bag for anybody who’s constantly on the move!

FOR YOUR HONEY  /   We’ve got plenty of honey for your honey! We currently have two different honeys available that were made in partnership with a local apiary and infused with the light, floral taste of our organic lavender. The Wildflower Honey has predominant notes of lavender alongside a medley of the other wildflowers scattered all over the hills of Appalachia. The Goldenrod Honey is an especially rich and sweet honey that is perfect for anyone over a sweet tooth. We even have plenty of lavender honey recipes ready for you, from cocktails to coffee and pastries! If your honey is a tea drinker or charcuterie lover, our lavender honeys will be the perfect touch of sweetness they’re after!

Our locally grown lavender is not limited to essential oil enthusiasts or aromatherapists! From the kitchen, to the grill, to the airport, there are plenty of ways to incorporate lavender into your lifestyle and favorite hobbies. Christmas wishlists lookout – Appalachian Botanical Co. makes holiday gifting a one stop job!

FOR THE GRILL MASTER  /  Locally grown, flavorful lavender is about to change the game for the home cooks and grill masters in your life! Our lavender is organically grown with no added preservatives, scents, or flavorings, making it a perfect addition to your spice rack! Our Pink Himalayan-Lavender Salt is perfect on so many savory dishes as it adds an unexpected little kick of lavender while also enhancing the flavors of your dish. It’s wonderful over grilled meats! Speaking of grilling, you can add our dried Lavender Stem Bundles to your flame to infuse fish, steak, chicken, and vegetables with an aromatic and smokey lavender flavor. Lastly, both of our lavender-infused honeys also make for great marinades! Barbeque sauce and AI is overdone – gift our lavender culinary products for a rare and delicious treat! They might even share with you!

FOR THE FRIEND IN NEED OF A SPA RETREAT  /  We all know someone who could use a getaway. This year, staycations are taking the place of cruise tickets and expensive resorts. Our Lavender GIft Set has everything you need to make your nighttime routine feel more like a spa retreat, even while at home. This gift set comes with our most popular products like lavender essential oil (10 ml), lavender mist (2 fl oz), lavender-sage massage oil (4 fl oz), organic lavender body cream (2 oz), and a lavender sachet. Our products are 100% organic and are custom formulated to hydrate, revitalize, and refresh your skin and brighten your spirits. You can even choose between 5 different boxes to give a gift that is as unique as its recipient! Need ideas for how to enhance your at-home spa? Read on here to see how our lavender products can take your home from office to sanctuary.

FOR THE FRIEND WHO WEARS THEIR HEART ON THEIR SLEEVE  /  We certainly wear our heart on our sleeve – we are Appalachian through and through and proud of it! We’re proud of the scenery, community, and resilience that Appalachia is known for and we want everyone to know it. If you have a friend who’s also proud to represent Appalachia and the mountain state, you can pair any of the gifts above with ABCo apparel. Stay cozy in our ABCo Hoodie or sport an ultra-soft tee to represent your region and spread some lavender love! If your friend is a dog parent too, they can also get in on the action with our lavender colored ABCo bandana. Please make sure to share pictures with us sporting your new ABCo gear, especially the puppies!





MEET THE AUTHOR /  ELIZA TALVOLA is a writer from Pittsburgh, PA who considers herself to be a conscious consumer and traveler, slow fashion advocate, and devoted foodie. She is a firm believer in creative reuse and putting people over profits, and is a long time lavender enthusiast. Her favorite product: Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray

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