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ABCo Sampler Pack


This sampler of 8 products will be sure to delight. Aromatherapy and body care products feature essential oil distilled from lavender we grow in Ashford, WV. The men's grooming products blend essential oils, vitamins and masculine scents to nourish beard and scalp.

Sampler pack contents:

Lavender essential oil (1 mL)

Lavender mist (2 mL)

Lavender vanilla mist (2 mL)

Lavender body cream (0.25 oz)

Lavender-sage massage oil (2 mL)

Bergamot-jasmine (gold) beard oil (3 mL)

Beard cream (0.25 oz)

Dome (scalp) oil (2 mL)

Ingredient card (4"x4.75")

All Natural

Our products are made from pure, natural ingredients that we have either grown ourselves or come from sources we know and trust.

Cruelty Free

We believe in protecting our environment and the creatures who share it with us. We will never test our products on animals.

GMO and Pesticide Free

Feel safe knowing that we never use GMOs in our products, and we're committed to pesticide-free farming.

ABCo Sampler Pack