Signature Lavender Collection

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Our Signature Lavender Collection features our most popular body care and aromatherapy products. Each is custom formulated to hydrate, revitalize and refresh.

The single-source essential oil is perfect for diffusers, hot baths, on felt/woolen dryer balls, and more.

Our Lavender Mist refreshes linens, helps soothe skin, and promotes calm and relaxation.

The lavender sage body oil contains Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E Oil for extra hydration.

Our lavender cream is lightweight, absorbent and perfect for face, body and hands.

The sachet is a special extra to tuck under a pillow (to help ease into sleep) or in a drawer or closet (to keep linens and clothing smelling nice).

Lavender Essential Oil (10 ml), Lavender Mist (2 fl oz), Lavender Sage Massage Oil (4 fl oz), Lavender Cream (1.8 oz), and a Lavender Sachet