Meet Dejah Busby

 Dejah Busby


My name is Dejah Busby. I started here in January 2020 and my first job was chasing the deer out of the lavender fields. I moved over to the day shift to help build the rock walls, and then I got into weeding, propagating, and maintaining the plants in the high tunnel. After the planting season, I started learning how to care for our bees. This winter, I worked on the crew refurbishing the Foster building.

I guess I’ve done a little bit of everything and it’s hard to pick a favorite task. I like the hands-on work with the plants and I like being a crew lead. I understand where the crew is coming from, and it feels good when we meet our goals, especially after we figure out how to overcome setbacks and get back on track.

In my spare time, I like to hang with my friends and with my dogs Milo, Roxie, and Big Bear. I also like to work on my house. I got a good price on a double-wide trailer and I’m saving every penny to pay it off.