Meet Ethan Coleman


I was born in Charleston and I grew up by Pond Fork in Boone County. I went to Van High School where I played sports (basketball, football and baseball) and graduated in 2020. After I get a little life experience, I’d like to go to college to study accounting, or maybe go for a chiropractic degree. My family is very supportive of my goals.

I found out about ABCo through my friend Adam Mitchell, and I started working here in September 2020. I’ve enjoyed the farm work. My grandma had a small garden and she would let me help with tilling, but that’s about it, so I’d like to learn more about the lavender and what helps it grow.

At the Foster building, everyone on the crew is willing to share their knowledge and show each other how to do things. It helps that I’m a quick learner and good at math!

ABCo has been a good place to work. If you show up every day, work hard, and try to do the work the right way, the crew leads and managers will take you under their wing and let you learn through trial and error.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my grandparents or working on my ATV.