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Organic Lavender Essential Oil

All Natural

Cruelty Free

GMO and Pesticide Free

How To Use:

Add 10-12 drops in your bath for an at-home spa experience. Blend with a carrier oil to massage tense areas. Add to your diffuser or room spray to create an aromatic sanctuary.

I have purchased MANY essential oils. None of them hold a candle to this lavender; it has such a complex profile, with even a hint of fresh cut grass. It has all the aromatherapy properties you would expect from lavender, with a wonderful scent you can enjoy all day.


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All Natural

Our products are made from pure, natural ingredients that we have either grown ourselves or come from sources we know and trust.

Cruelty Free

We believe in protecting our environment and the creatures who share it with us. We will never test our products on animals.

GMO and Pesticide Free

Feel safe knowing that we never use GMOs in our products, and we're committed to pesticide-free farming.

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About Appalachian Botanical Co.

Our Products

We hand harvest organically grown lavender and raw honey produced right on our farm and use these ingredients to create all-natural, high quality products.

Our People

We're committed to hiring local residents, many of whom face barriers to employment, and we provide the training and assistance they need for long term security.

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Our Planet

We choose to farm on reclaimed coal mine land, reviving the land's purpose and returning it to both nature and the local economy.