In the Fall of 2020, Appalachian Botanical Company rented a building in Foster, West Virginia. By the Spring, 2021, that building was renovated to provide a home for offices, operations, and distribution for the Appalachian Botanical Company.




Get a view into some of the daily operations happening on our farm in late Summer and early Fall of 2020. We’re propagating new plants, putting some of those plants in the ground, and we’re preparing the fields to be planted in the Spring.




WV Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt visited the ABCo farm operations on Oct. 22 with ABCo CTO Marina Sawyer and President Jocelyn Sheppard.




In Spring and early Summer of 2020 we built beehives, propagated lavender plants from existing plant clippings, and celebrated our first harvest.




In the Winter and Spring of 2020, Appalachian Botanical Company restored a high tunnel that had deteriorated to a dilapidated, metal framework. We put on a new roof, built raised beds inside and did some general, all-around-fix-up to get this high tunnel back to operability. This video documents that process.




Appalachian Botanical Co. is growing lavender on reclaimed coal mine land in Ashford, Boone County, West Virginia. We planted 20,000 plants in the spring and have our first bloom. Now we’re prepping to plant 40,000 more plants. Here are a few of the people who make that happen.