Clearance! Lavender Sage Mist

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Size 2 fl oz

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Our custom-formulated Lavender Sage Mist starts with our steam-distilled lavender hydrosol. Hydrosol has the same elemental properties of essential oil but with a lower concentration that is gentler on the skin and allows for a wide variety of uses. Sage Essential Oil adds earthy, clean notes to brighten spaces and lift spirits. Learn more in our blog post "What are hydrosols and how can I use them?"

PLEASE NOTE -- We use the freshest possible natural ingredients and small-batch production methods to make our products. As a result, natural variations in scent and color may occur. Also, our lavender mists may not smell like--or last as long as--products that use perfumes and other synthetic ingredients.

Recommended Use

Our Lavender Sage Mist can be sprayed directly on the skin, on linens, or in the bedroom—anywhere you need a little pick-me-up. Try using it as:

    • a facial toner
    • a body mist
    • a room spray
    • a pillow mist
    • a linen spray
    • a spray for your yoga mat
    • a spray for pet beds
    • an insect repellent
    • For external use only. Keep out of reach of small children. Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin.
  • Organic Lavender Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Sage Essential Oil, Leucidal Liquid SF Max.