Lavender Travel Kit w/lavender mist

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When you’re on the go, this travel kit will keep you feeling refreshed, calm, and ready to seize the day. The lavender cream nourishes and protects the face, hands and body, and thanks to its 29 botanical ingredients, offers a subtle and relaxing scent. Spray the calming lavender mist on your pillow to ease into sleep anywhere. The lavender sachet will keep the clothes in your suitcase or gym bag smelling great. Our creamy, unscented lip balm is formulated to protect and hydrate (keep one in your toiletries bag and the other in your day bag or briefcase). All of these products are TSA-compliant for carry-on bags.
Lavender mist (2 fl oz), Lavender cream (1.8 fl oz), Creamy lip balms and Lavender sachet.