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As a single ingredient product, Appalachian Botanical Co.'s Lavender Mist is the epitome of clean beauty.

July 15 is Clean Beauty Day. Okay, perhaps not as fun as National Hot Dog Day or National Ice Cream Sundae Day, National Clean Beauty Day nevertheless gives us reason to celebrate. We are carving out 24 hours to pay attention to beauty products with healthful ingredients which are sustainably and ethically sourced and developed with the health of our bodies and the environment as a top priority.

This “holiday” educates consumers about the importance of conscious cosmetics consumption and encourages the beauty industry to adopt earth-friendly practices. Furthermore, the day raises overall awareness about the Clean Beauty Movement.

What now? There’s an entire movement? Did you miss the memo? You are most likely asking yourself a few urgent questions: Who are the major leaders? What is their slogan? Do I need to sport a pithy tee shirt? And most pressing: “Why doesn’t anyone consult me when creating nationally-themed, celebratory holidays?”


What is Clean Beauty?


Think of a clean beauty product as one free of hormone disruptors and carcinogens. Clean beauty is synonymous with non-toxic, and clean beauty products do not harm human health.

Health and wellness products should be made from safe, clean ingredients and offer transparent labeling. The conventional beauty and personal-care industry is minimally regulated in America, and much to our dismay, many American companies manufacture products with potentially harmful ingredients that can include known carcinogens, irritants, and endocrine disruptors.

Obviously, we are not one of those American companies. Our products are 100% organic, and we freely share every ingredient used in the making of our products on our labels. (We share our list of ingredients freely, transparently, and happily.)

In fact, one of the purest ingredients on the market is hydrosol. Hydrosol makes an excellent facial toner, and our Lavender Mist is no exception.


What is Hydrosol?

Hydrosol is the aromatic water remaining after an essential oil is distilled by steam. It is the by-product of steam distillation—a really great by-product, that is.

Hydrosol contains micro-molecules of essential oils and its aroma is often soft and subtle. We waxed philosophical about the wonders of hydrosol in a previous blog, in fact. But in this blog, we want to emphasize how to use our Lavender Mist as a beauty product.


Using Hydrosol to Your Benefit


  1. Use it in combination with a face or body oil to help the oil absorb into the skin.
  2. Spritz your face 3 to 4 times a day to replenish your skin.
  3. Use it to set your makeup....OR, for the opposite:
  4. Spray some mist on a cotton pad to remove your makeup.
  5. Use it to balance your skin’s pH after cleansing.

Think of it this way: a product is only as clean as its worst ingredient. No one wants toxic ingredients on or near his/her/their skin, and consumers need to know what to look for.

To assist our customers, ABCo has consulted The Good Face Project to identify toxins to steer clear of. Here is their constantly evolving “Restricted Toxins List” to inform healthy selections when it’s time to shop for beauty products. We hope this comes in handy at the store or for online browsing.

Back to learning about new holidays! Mark Clean Beauty Day (July 15) down on your calendar and start to celebrate you, your health, your wellness, and smart, educated choices.


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