Why Guys Should Care About Beard Care


“What do I use? Nothing much.” By now, I’m prepared to hear that response when I ask a shopper what he uses to care for his beard. I know that I can’t (well, don’t really want to) get close enough to see—let alone touch—to assess for myself how well that beard’s doing. So, I turn to the significant other/mom/friend with an inquiring look. They often offer up a patient “Oh, I’ve bought him products before, and he doesn’t use them” or a mildly incredulous “he just uses body wash.”

So, what is this bearded guy missing? For one, the chance to make the other person happy by at least trying—or using on a regular basis--the beard care products bought with a) love and b) the wish for that beard to be even better. For another, the chance to realize that a great beard usually requires some special effort, and that it’s cool to care about that. 


 Why use a beard wash? Because the hair on the face is different from the hair elsewhere, and regular soap or shampoo can be harsh on beards. Why use a beard cream? Because even a gentle, natural beard wash (such as ours) will strip the beard of moisturizing good stuff that needs to be replaced. It helps that the beard cream is soft and smooth with a scent that’s complex (hey, there’s a lot going on here) and yet subtle (hey, it’s not too flowery, citrusy, etc.).


 Beard oil is usually an easier sell because it makes sense to use to one that has a specific function: to maintain a full beard, to promote growth with a thin or patchy beard, or tame a wiry beard. The trick there is to let the one with the beard make the call (sometimes in consultation with the aforementioned significant other): “Yeah, my beard’s really wiry.” “I don’t think need to promote any more growth, do I?” The latter is usually said with a grin (and a full beard), or with the hope of receiving affirmation (despite a less-than-full beard).


 I save the beard balm for last because it’s the most fun. I open it up for all to see, touch and smell, regardless of whether the guy has enough beard growth to warrant using it. “Here, smell this; what does it remind you of?” “Campfire?” “Single-malt scotch? “Bacon?” “Beef jerky?” I’ve heard these responses repeatedly (well, the beef jerky was just the one time). The actual ingredients include Cedarwood Essential Oil, Birch Tar Essential Oil, Black Amber Musk. The guys seem to be smelling something that speaks to them, reminding them of a good place.

Often, the customer walks away with a single beard care product, perhaps two. He’s willing to give something new a try and maybe, with a little luck and some encouragement, he’ll enjoy using them. They'll become part of his regular routine. And that’s really cool.

Check out our full array of custom-formulated beard care products. We sell them as individual products and as kits. Try one, try two, try four—and see the difference it makes for a beard you care about.



MEET THE AUTHOR /  JOCELYN SHEPPARD Jocelyn Sheppard is the Founder and President of Appalachian Botanical Co. Before she started ABCo, Jocelyn was a consultant with high-tech startups and nonprofits. She enjoys reading, cooking, jigsaw puzzles, and travel, especially in France where the food, wine and lavender are amazing. Her favorite product: Organic Lavender Body Cream

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